What’s Your Story?

• Are you an explorer, traveling the world seeking your next adventure?

• Are you fascinated by urban culture, cultivating new experiences with every venture?

• Are you a sophisticated free spirit, lost in a world where the opportunities are infinite?

• Do you have an eye for design and innovation; are you passionate about conservation?

Here at BG Berlin, we do things differently.

We’re not like the rest.

We’re adventurers, fascinated by culture, design and travel. We seek new experiences, finding joy and laughter at every turn.

We have an eye for detail; the small things matter. We love the environment.

We’re an innovative group, where fashion, culture and travel collide to create functional products, which are designed meet the demands of travel and urban life.

We innovate. We Create. We Share.

Our Values

Our range of travel products and accessories has been developed with our core values in mind.

Our products don’t blend in with the crowd, fade into the background or shy away from new experiences. They care about the environment, contributing towards the development of a sustainable society, which can be enjoyed for generations. They love trends; they’re current, and fun.

BG Eco Bag

With a functional design, our queen bag has been designed to accompany you on all of your adventures, both home and away. It’s extremely practical, and can be folded for easy storage when it’s not required. Available in a variety of chic and contemporary designs, our Alt-art Eco Bag is the ultimate in urban sophistication and practicality.

BG HuG Luggage Cover

Our suitcase covers offer you all the protection of traditional suitcase covers, but with fashionable and contemporary designs. They’re easy to use, practical and look fabulous! The perfect way to ensure your suitcase lasts for many adventures.

BG URBE Luggage

Are you bored of using suitcases that don’t represent your personality? We believe that, when it comes to fashion, travel accessories deserve some attention too! We offer unique, colorful designs, without compromising on quality or functionality.

Aegis Umbrellas

With unpredictable weather both at home and on your travels, you need to be prepared for all eventualities. Brighten up a dreary day with our fun, colorful and durable designs.

If you’re looking for innovative, unique and reliable travel products to support your spontaneous lifestyle, look no further than


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