#Always Ahead
Campaign BG Berlin 2016

Meeting the world in seconds the digital generation connects quickly at every corner. Sharing ideas dynamically, searching for new experiences and new waysof expression. The desire to share is rooted deep within; it reflects passions, wants and lifestyles that are constantly fluctuating throughout the day, week and month. Exchanging information with and distributing compelling content to others is a form of expression that says a lot about an individual.

Campaign BG Berlin 2016 is based on this desire.



A group of friends have just arrived at their destination in party mode. Stylish and cool with their urbe luggage they are feeling loud.

campaign bg berlin 2016


Constantly motivated to persue behaviors that bring us closer to our ideal self. The mood is set for the party to begin. All her BgBerlin Eco-Bags full with shopping and ready for more. Reusable stylish, colorful and Eco friendly.

campaign bg berlin 2016


Reflect your always ahead ways to the world with eco-friendly stylish bags. Grocery shopping made more fun with colorful light eco bags.

campaign bg berlin 2016

Get inspired and choose BG Berlin!