I.L.M Fair in Offenbach 2016

We participated in the I.L.M fair in Offenbach. It was no doubt a busy time, filled with meetings with a number of other producers and trading partners around the world. Trade I.L.M is a place where well-known brands present the latest collections of their products. Both modern and classic designs handbags and luggage attracted the attention of many visitors. In each of the events I.L.M in Offenbach involve about 6,000 commercial customers from home and abroad. They appreciate it as an excellent source of information, diversity, high level of quality.

We participated on the 10-12 September and we had a blast!

I.L.M fair  I.L.M fair

I.L.M fair I.L.M fair

Brand BG Berlin also could boast new products (which will soon be available on our website :)).