BrazilOwner of a peculiar and full of personality style, Lobo is an artist considered a Pop Art benchmark, in Brazil and in the world.
His inspiration comes from the new wave generation, represented by The B-52s, David Bowie, Sig Sig Sputnik, among others. The image of Robert Smith (The Cure) painted on his first art work, is the main proof that music, even if indirectly, was a strong influence early in his career. And the pop culture was voraciously assimilated by him through other artists work, such as Keith Haring, Andy Warhol, Peter Max and Pollock.


In partnership with the BG Berlin, Lobo has created a unique range of products with his unique Pop Art.

The line is composed by four key products, all of them designed to meet the demands of travel and of urban life:
• Suitcases
• Covers for suitcases;
• Eco Bags;
• Umbrellas.

The inspiration came from the own experiences Lobo had in places he has visited around the world. The details of everyday life and icons wherever he visited has resulted in the development of an amazing collection with two different lines.

In the American Way we meet the famous Statue of Liberty – one of the greatest monuments in the world and one of the most popular symbols of the United States, Golden Gate Bridge, Empire State Building, as well as taxis American Yellow Cabs. We can also see Hollywood district of Los Angeles that is most famous for being the world center for industry, film and television.

Europe Style shows the Eiffel Tower in Paris, typical of London objects: Piccadilly Circus and Big Ben and the popular red buses. We also see the streets of Amsterdam, the Italian gondola – the biggest symbol of the city of Venice.


“I always had bright colored bags. They are fun and easier to find on the airport mats. Now I literally have my own suitcase and I’m very satisfied with the partnership with BG Berlin. Their products have an amazing quality and travelling is the best investment anyone can make for his own life! ” says LOBO.